SMART Home Security Kit


Orvibo SMART Home Security kit is a great value starter kit to manage your home security. The hub provided is scalable and will support your future expansion of any Orvibo SMART device. The kit includes one SMART Hub, one SMART Camera, one Motion Sensor and two Door Window sensors. The system will enable you to proactively manage your home security. The camera is voice enabled and can trigger notifications on motion or sound. You can view video on your mobile and listen to live sound. You can also talk back. The motion sensor will trigger alerts for any movement of people in the house. The motion sensor could also act as a motion detection switch for your lights. The door window sensor will detect any opening of doors or windows. All devices can be set to trigger alarms, send alerts to your mobile or trigger other SMART devices such as lights.


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SMART Home Security Kit

SMART Home Security Kit