We provide end to end SMART solutions for all your needs in Security, Safety, Energy efficiency, and Convenience. Our solutions and elegantly designed products will bring luxury living to your home. Our solutions will create a unique ambiance in your home and enable your SMART life.


Typical day to day scenarios that we help automate

  • While you are away from home schedule the lights to switch on automatically at a given time.
  • View who is at your door or garden and monitor your house from wherever you are.
  • Trigger alerts to your phone or trigger alarms if any door/window opened or any movement inside your home is detected.
  • Emulate if you are being at home by switching on/off music, TV or lights automatically.
  • Trigger alerts to your phone or trigger alarms if smoke, gas or water leakages are detected in your home and automatically shut off the gas or water lines.
  • Control all your home appliances (Remote Controlled) through voice, app or as a scheduled task.
  • Perform many tasks such as switch on your TV, your audio system, select the channel of your choice, adjust lighting to your liking (colour & brightness) and close your curtains all with just one click or voice command.
  • With multi-colour lighting enhance the ambiance of your home and living spaces. All lights can be controlled with voice, scheduled or operated through the mobile.
  • Switch on/off fans and air conditioners and adjust temperature based on time of day or by voice command.
  • Open or close your window curtains automatically based on time of day or by voice command.
  • Open or close your garage door by voice command or through the mobile.
  • Secure your main doors with fingerprint and PIN enabled SMART locks. Open doors with your mobile. Issue a PIN to anyone for given period and revoke. Monitor who entered your home at what time with full history logs.
  • Automatically water your garden or switch on the sprinklers with just a voice command, single click or as a scheduled task.

We could also give customised SMART solutions for your unique needs.